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Exterior Detail

staff doing car interior cleaning

Exterior detailing is done by assessing the current condition of the outside of your vehicle, an evening out the surface layer so that it appears more beautiful in pristine as ever before. We also have experience in removing dents and scratches from your car’s exterior. If you have excessive damage for more severe damage, you may need to consider seeing an autobody specialist instead. Otherwise, we can assist with minor imperfections alongside our detailing cleaning process.

Removing Scratches and Scuffs

As mentioned previously, we are able to remove minor scratches and scuffs from the exterior paint job of your car. We also give your car a thorough cleaning using specialty soaps and shampoos that gently removes dirt and debris without damaging your paint. Removing smaller dents, scratches, and scuffs from the car or its lights can be done with a few simple fixes, but if your car has recently been in a collision, you will benefit more from having an autobody specialist to perform the larger repairs.

Paint Protection

Exterior detailing typically includes buffing and refining the existing paint coat on the vehicle. If your pink coat is damaged, appealing, or has scratches, we provide services to help diminish the appearance of these imperfections. Alongside removing the visible scuffs and marks on your vehicle’s exterior paint, we also provide solutions to give your vehicle a more even paint color and protect it from future damages. This paint protection can be added to your vehicle all throughout and is especially helpful if you have a custom paint job or color added to your car. If you have a vehicle wrap or another added feature, we do our best to preserve them during the detailing process as well.

Emblem Buffing and Protection

Along with your paint job, you may also have either a car emblem or a hood ornament on the front of your car. If you do, we will also assist in buffing and shining this feature as well. Depending on what type of car you have, the hood ornament could either be flat and painted, or could have dimension and texture, extending from the hood itself as seen on some luxury imported vehicles. Keeping the hood ornament polished and clean helps maintain the overall aesthetic of your car, as some of these emblems are actually painted with specialty paints that need to be restored from time to time. We provide emblem and ornament buffing and can even add protective seals to them to prevent flaking or peeling or rusting.

Cleaning Lights and Reflectors

Another important part for the exterior detailing process includes cleaning your lights and your exterior reflectors. We will do this by opening up the lights and wiping them out so that your lights are given brighter and shinier visibility when in use or turned on. We do this to all the of lights on your car, including the taillights, the headlights, and the brake lights. We will also adjust or repair any reflectors on your vehicle that working conjunction with your lights.