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Roseville Premier Auto Detailing

Roseville Automotive Detailing

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Do you despise going to the car wash to wash your car, only to leave without it feeling much cleaner? Or do you wish it was easier to get a professional to do the job for you? With the assistance of a professional auto detailing, you can talk wondering! Auto detailers have years of experience in cleaning all types of vehicles from the inside out. They are also able to do more than just clean the car, as they can also add ceramic coatings to your paint job, restore your headlights, remove any dents or scratches, and wax your car!

About Us

Roseville Premier Auto Detailing offers the city’s most reliable mobile car wash, mobile car detailing services, boat detailing services, RV detailing services, and even truck detailing services. We work to revitalize the vehicle’s interiors and exteriors so that its overall value is maintained and its original beauty is restored. If you’re in the market for the best vehicle car detailing service available, then you’ve come to the right place!


    Our Services

    Our range of auto detailing services was created to benefit the Roseville, CA and Auburn, CA areas and provide outstanding service to those that need professional assistance in maintaining the quality and appearance of their vehicles. Our services go well beyond standard vehicle cleaning, as we also provide shampooing, scratch removal, dent removal, paint restoration, and paint protection services. We can extend our services to serve your other vehicles too, such as boats, RVs, and even semi-trucks! For the best Roseville mobile detail services and the best Auburn mobile detail services, give us a call at Roseville Premier Auto Detailing!

    finished car ceramic coating
    Ceramic Coating

    Ceramic coatings are thick layers of dried ceramic which are applied to the exterior of your car’s paint job. They are intended to add a durable layer of protection to deter scratches and dents to your car’s paint, while also preventing the paint from succumbing to natural wear and tear through weathering damages and temperature changes. We specialize in BMW ceramic coatings, Tesla ceramic coatings, Audi ceramic coatings, and even Mercedes ceramic coatings.

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    Full Service Detail

    When facing issues with your home forced air systems, then getting the right professional hands on the job will bring you the quickest means of correcting these issues, and getting back on with enjoying your environment. We bring you a highly experienced repair service that is dedicated to ensuring that you have the quickest means possible to getting the results you need. No matter the time of day or night, Miami Heating and Cooling Pros is always on the job when it comes to home HVAC repair.

    “Having just moved to the Roseville area, I was looking for a hand car wash near me and came across the guys at Roseville Premier Auto Detailing. What I liked most about their services, is that they were 100% mobile and brought all of their expertise right to my door. They arrived on time and were able to hand wash my car as well as provide car interior cleaning. I’m really pleased with the level of professionalism and will definitely be using them again!” – Angela R.

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    Exterior Detail

    When building a new business, or renovating an old one, the time comes when you must choose on how you’re going to proceed with the forced air system for your commercial property. Whether upgrading to a newer and more energy efficient style, or bringing in the newest and greatest for your new construction, you can depend on the installation services at Miami Heating and Cooling Pros to get your business started off on the right foot in Miami.

    showing interior details of a car
    Interior Detail

    Delivering the right environment to your customers and employees is important when it comes to creating the right first impression, and when your HVAC system is on the fritz, everyone in the building can feel the heat. Miami Heating and Cooling Pros brings you a reliable and fast response repair service for your commercial needs, that takes the needs of your business into account as well to ensure that you are not interrupted by repairs.

    “I just purchased a brand new Audi and wanted to do everything possible to keep it in good condition so I called Roseville Premier Auto Detailing and they were able to come to my house and give me an Audi ceramic coating for my new car. I didn’t know it was possible but I really enjoy the convenience to provide will be calling them again in the future for mobile auto detailing services.” – Benjamin A.

    white boat at a deck
    Boat Detail

    Boat detailing services are provided to those that want to keep their boat in exquisite condition. We help clients achieve this by removing algae from the bottom of the boat, dirt from the foot traffic on the inside of the deck and cabin areas, as well as cleaning any overboard water messes and upholstery that has also been used or affected.

    RV resting on a mountain side
    RV or Semi-Truck Detail

    RV or semi-truck detailing are often large-scale projects that we take on with extensive attention to detail. Having your RV details before a long journey, holiday, or resell ensures that it is in working order and looks great, making it more comfortable for whatever use it has next. Semi-truck detailing is great for those that move cargo regularly to reduce the chances of ruining new cargo with leftover lingering odors or spills from the previous load.

    “I have been using Roseville Premier Auto Detailing for several years now because they bring car detailing straight to me! Once a month, they come to my house to detail my car and give it a good wash and I don’t have to leave the house. It’s so easy and convenient, there’s really no reason why your car shouldn’t look spotless with the help of Roseville Premier Auto Detailing!” – Catherine P.

    Call Us Today

    If you are interested in learning more about our auto detailing products and services, then you can get in touch with us directly using the service number provided on the homepage of our website. When you call this number, you’ll be connected to a member of our customer service team who can provide you more insight to the services we offer and the products we use to complete them. If you have any lingering questions, our customer service agents would be more than happy to answer them for you. If you would prefer to write us an email, or would like to receive a free quote, you can easily do so by completing the contact form – also found on our homepage – and we will get back to you as soon as possible.